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When we hunt, it is not our arrow that kills the elk, however strong our bow, it is nature that kills it."

- Big Thunder (Wabanaki)

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Your hunting Dream - My Service

You want to go hunting abroad?


Very good. I can help you make your dream come true!


BIG O is my hunting organization service for hunting agencies at home and abroad.


I have been a hunter since 2006. The hunt grabbed me: enthusiasm became a hobby, the hobby become a passion. Boundless.


I am happy to help you with important information so that you can pursue your passion!


Fair. Honest. Personal. Friendly.


My service includes:

  • Hunting supplier recommendations/complete correspondence
  • Flight bookings/support
  • Booking of rental cars, hotels, etc. in the hunting country (if requested)
  • Weapon registrations before the start of the trip
  • Trophy handling in terms of taxidermist communication, transport to your doorstep
  • Equipment advice/packing lists before the start of the trip
  • Vaccination advice
  • German-speaking guide during the hunt (if desired)
  • Your contact person in Germany